Intelligent Telecoms network

With over a million numbers in our network already, and successfully delivering 12+ million calls per month, iNet offers the full range of geographic and non-geographic numbering and call routing intelligence that drives your customer engagement.

1+ Million

12+ Million

iNet are a telecoms carrier, giving us unparalleled network-level call controls. Our Intelligent Network core resides within BT’s 21CN infrastructure, for unrivalled scalability, resilience, security, and compliance.

With unrestricted access to number ranges, we leverage the power of BT's mass handling capability and Tier 1 infrastructure for our customers.

Secure, high volume call capacity and IVR termination capability gives our customers the assurance of no call restrictions during busy periods and seasonal spikes.

Five 9's uptime, multiple failover and business continuity, as standard.

Why we chose iNet: Paybyphone

Domonic White, VP Operations

"I've been able to consolidate my service onto a single network and platform and take advantage of the cost savings of a unified VOIP solution. iNet's solution allowed us to migrate our services from three fragmented networks to a single platform providing a TDM, IP and SMS unified solution. iNet provides a tremendous difference for me"

Many of our customers' businesses rely on telephony as absolutely core to their service offering. They choose iNet and we are committed to providing outstanding service and reliability across our network".

Adrian Scott, Head of Operations, iNet Communications Group Plc.

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