iNet launches its New "Ground-breaking Service"

Mobile Reach

Increase your outbound answer rates and reduce your outbound call charges.

By utilising iNet's New 'Mobile Reach' product, companies and call centres can dramatically increase the number of successful outbound connections to both mobiles and landlines.

Furthermore, much higher volumes of unanswered calls can be expected to dial back, when using 'Mobile Reach'.

This connection success is accomplished by presenting your target with a mobile '07' number in the CLI.

It is a well-known fact that consumers are less likely to answer calls when the CLI displays 'No Caller ID', 'Unknown' or a non-geographic such as an '084' or '087' number.

However, if a mobile '07' number is presented as the incoming caller ID, the chances are the target will answer the call, some suggest upwards of 30%. If they 'miss' the call then the target is far more likely to call back to a mobile number.

iNet's 'Mobile Reach' can provide you with the mobile phone number, and route the outbound leg to the target. In the event that the call is not immediately answered, and the target calls back later, then this return leg is connected through our network straight to your agents.

With iNet's Mobile Reach there is no need for the inconvenience or expense of mobile handsets, SIM's and SIM gateways.

This, matched with iNet's incredible outbound rates as low as 0.5p per minute to landlines and 1.91p per minute to mobiles, makes iNet's Mobile Reach an essential product for organisations performing outbound campaigns.

Contact iNet today and find out how Mobile Reach can increase your connection rates and dramatically reduce your outbound call charges.


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