Multi-Channel Revolution

The Web is going Social, connect with your visitors and drive more traffic

Are you missing out on a huge opportunity? Start creating meaningful real-time connections that drive more profitable revenue streams from your digital channels.

From mobile devices, to the web and social media, Go all-in-one to deliver the best response times and customer experiences.

Create the ultimate customer experience through rich-media customer engagement and powerful customer connection. Tap into the power of the cloud to reduce costs while improving agent productivity, customer experience and business agility.

Businesses that use Hermes V5 Cloud Multi Channel Contact Centre typically see a 20% increase in conversions and a 35% increase in the average order values.

The Multi Channel Advatage

Email Management

iNet Complete manages and queues emails as if they wree telephone calls.

Live customer support online

Chat with your customers in real time via, text, audio or video.

Mobile customer engagement

Connect your smart phone and tablet customers to a whole new experience.

Social Media

People are engaging in conversation on social networks about your products. Are you listening?