Reduce costs by managing agents more effectively.

Improve your outbound productivity with fully compliant functionality allowing you to deliver the most appropriate automation to suit each activity including preview, progressive, predictive, broadcast and search.

iNet's intelligent outbound dialing is guaranteed to increase your contact rates. Contact centers, debt collection and enterprise businesses can greatly increase contact rates when outbound calling to UK residential and businesses, for both land lines and mobiles.

Mobile 07 CLI Presentation

If you are displaying a 08 number, "number withheld" or "unknown number" when out dialing, iNet can significantly increase the chances of your calls being answered With iNet's NEW "Ground Breaking Service" Mobile Reach. By utilising iNet's New 'Mobile Reach' product, companies and call centres can dramatically increase the number of successful outbound connections to both mobiles and landlines by presenting your target with a mobile 07 number in the CLI.

Furthermore, much higher volumes of unanswered calls can be expected to dial back, when using "Mobile Reach".

Utilising iNet's 'Mobile Reach' will not only increase your answer and call back rates but it will also ensure that inbound calls and SMS texts from the 07 mobile number are routed to the member of your team best placed to deal with them.

Unmatched Dialing Speed

Proven predictive dialler algorithm starts dialing on multiple simultaneous lines to maximize productivity, passing agents the next call the moment they are ready. iNet's speed of delivering the call to an agent, or perfoming automated procedures, is the fastest in the industry.

Answering Machine Screening

Increase your contacts with automated messaging options for answering machines. Automatically leave a custom voice message on answering machines and route inbound return phone calls to the same agents.

Automated broadcast

Automated broadcast allows you to quickly deliver thousands of individually customized phone messages. You can also let customers respond to the message or be transfered to a live agent.

CTI Screen Pops

Push customer information to the agent screen. Real-time information increases agents efficiency and customer satisfaction by saving processing time and providing agents with complete customer interaction history.

Seamless CRM Integrations

Works with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics. Other third-party CRM systems are supported through a simple and powerful API.

List & Campaign Management

Load, filter, and assign lists and schedule campaigns in advance so that new programs or lists can begin dialling automatically, without supervisor intervention.


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