Unified Agent Desktop

Reduce costs, improve agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Turn your agents into Super Agents !

Today's customers demand value-added, personalised customer service in real time, using voice, email, chat and social media. The Hermes V5 Cloud Multi Channel Contact Centre provides a single console for greater agent productivity. Amaze your customers with faster and more responsive service across every channel.

The best customer experiences are personal, consistent and carry context across interaction channels and multiple touch points. Customers expect to be able to start an interaction using one channel and complete it in another, without having to re-start the conversation. Manage all customer interactions via a single console, allowing unprecedented response times and flexible call centre management. Equip your agents with the tools to monitor negative as well as positive client chatter.

Create the ultimate customer experience through rich-media customer engagement and powerful customer connections.

Call Routing

The Hermes V5 solution has a full IVR capability backed up by a comprehensive ACD skills based routing engine to ensure that calls are routed to best skilled agent to deal with a customer's enquiry. Our ACD / IVR systems can route calls based upon caller identification, dialled number, time of day, recording, and other customer defined criteria.

Management Control

With Hermes V5, managers and supervisors are provided with the control and insight that is important to them and that allowed them to more effectively manage their operation. The ability to monitor key performance indicators in real-time, define and run historic reports, listen and intrude on agent interactions and manage remote agents is available from any device, anywhere through secure web-based access. Designed by contact centre people, for contact centre people.

CRM Integration

Whilst the system is agnostic, it is particularly suited to bring voice communications and powerful cross channel service capabilities directly into Salesforce.com for unprecedented response times. Designed from the ground up to maximise business agility while delivering a great customer experience, from your call centre, to the web and social media.

Unified Agent Desktop

The Hermes V5 empowers your agents to resolve more interactions first time while also reducing call durations. The agent interface is completely customisable, unified desktop application.

Blended Multi-Media

Hermes V5 enables you to be more accessible to your customers through voice, email, SMS, social network and web-chat while allowing you to define which type of enquiry, over which media is routed to which agent.

Automated Outbound

Hermes V5 enables you to improve outbound productivity with fully compliant fuctionality allowing you to deliver the most appropirate automation to suit each activity invcluding: preview, progressive, predictive, broadcast and search.