Why iNet complete?

All-in-One Cloud Multi-Channel

Customers expect to be able to start an interaction using one channel and complete it in another, without having to re-start the conversation. INet Complete taps into the power of the cloud to enable you to manage all customer interactions via a single console providing unprecedented response times and flexible call centre management.

Turn your Agents into Super Agents

iNet Complete's multi-channel contact centre allows you to improve click through rates and reduce bounce rates by engaging search traffic and targeting the customers who are ready to check out. Live Chat allows you to interact and engage with your website visitors in real time, improve visitor satisfaction and maximise online sales and conversion rates.

Connect with your Customers in Real Time

Whether it is text, audio or video chat, iNet Complete provides a comprehensive set of simple yet powerful state-of-the-art tools for engaging with customers online in real-time. Features include Live Chat, Video Chat, click-to-call, web call back, assisted navigation and Web.

Performance Improvement and Data Analysis

The fastest way to get a flexible, high performance contact centre online is to give business users control over customer service support and sales and marketing activity. Through a simple web front end management tool, you can look at real-time monitoring, live data capture, real-time database interaction and statistical analysis of all call and SMS.

High-volume inbound and outbound call management

iNet's partnership with BT delivers the unrivalled advantage of having its number ranges sitting within BT network allowing iNet to leverage the power of BT's mass handling capability and Tier 1 infrastructure. The system is integrated with the tier 1 telecom's Network available, providing second to none network integrity and an infrastructure that is capable of handling high volume inbound and outbound call management.

What makes iNet Complete different?

What makes the solution different is our capability to help our clients deliver efficient, effective and proactive customer interactions at a lower total cost of ownership. This is achieved by:

  • A single, unified, scalable application
  • Ease of use
  • Flexible, open architecture
  • Ease of integration
  • Lowest total cost of ownership