About iNet

Established in 2008, iNet is a leading telecoms network provider and a pioneer of cloud hosted contact centre solutions in the UK. Supported by the largest UK telephone infrastructure, iNet provides integrated cloud telephony services to businesses, enterprises and organisations seeking transformation to digital IP technology with all the benefits it brings.

In December 2013, iNet announced a strategic partnership with Vocalcom to create the only fully-integrated, end-to-end solution for contact centres currently available. Based in the commercial heart of London, the iNet team consists of exceptional individuals - highly experienced professionals offering unparalleled continuity and a track record of first-class service.

We specialise in delivering cost-effective, bespoke solutions, that will grow with your organisation, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide tailored, flexible and efficient solutions to organisations of every size.

Leadership Team

Michael Pavlou CEO

Michael is CEO at iNet Communications Group Plc and a member of the board of Directors. He joined iNet initially as Group CTO in 2007, bringing more than 20 years technology & telecoms experience, combined with a wealth of executive management expertise to support his key role at iNet.

Michael manages corporate direction and strategy for iNet, facilitating company activity with consulting, partner alliances, and always enjoys being actively involved in sales and marketing. Since joining iNet Michael has worked to share his business vision and strategy with customers and partners, and continues to ensure the growth, development and strategic roadmap of business. 

Michael is a keen golfer and enjoys travelling, exploring and experiencing new cultures.

"iNet is a great company to work with. Many of our clients have long-term relationships with us that extend well beyond standard contract terms. We've become family. And in the telecoms and technology business, you need a supplier you can really rely on to support you".

Eugene Doogan Founder

Eugene is founding shareholder and Director at iNet. Eugene is a dynamic, serial entrepreneur within the telecommunications and value-added sectors, having successfully grown multiple businesses over the past 20 years.

Eugene brings strong commercial, business and industry acumen to iNet, fearlessly adopting pioneering and emerging technologies and transforming them into successful, profitable and unique business propositions.

Actively involved in sports, Eugene enjoys sailing, skiing, tennis, travelling and covets time with family and friends.

"I set up iNet with a mind to tackling cloud telecoms solutions. The demand was out there, but other providers seemed to lack resilience in their networks, so industry frustration was growing. iNet changed all that. Our telecoms network was something special from day 1, and still is 10 years later. Our customers understand the power of what they're getting when they come to us for solutions".

Jeremy Greenwood Head of Product

Jeremy has over 25 years’ industry experience in solution delivery, customer satisfaction and sales engagement from working with a variety of software suppliers. During that time Jeremy has gained valuable insights into inter-departmental dependencies that ensure successful solution delivery and implementation. Jeremy brings deep industry knowledge, expertise and hands-on experience to iNet, building strong, collaborative partnerships with suppliers, customers and clients.

Today, Jeremy spends the majority of his time reviewing the performance of iNet products and evaluating emerging, and pioneering cloud technologies - a role dedicated to continually improving our proposition to customers.

Jeremy loves anything tech related and motorsport mad. He enjoys travelling, visiting new places and experiencing different cultures.

"iNet continues in its endeavour to deliver easy to use, game changing cloud telephony technology. My sole focus is to help our customers grow through their choice of related technologies. The end result is customers feeling fully engaged and able to see the full value of the iNet proposition. Our approach is straightforward - get closer to our customers to fully understand their operational needs and deliver technology best fit for their needs today and for their tomorrow. Our results speak for themselves and are truly amazing".

Adrian Scott Head of Operations

With over 20 years experience in telecommunications, Adrian heads up operations at iNet. He joined the company in 2008 as Switch Manager and since then has expanded his role within the business, engaging with his team, customers and clients on an on-going basis to ensure seamless, compliant operations our customers rave about.

In addition to managing all of iNet day-to-day telecoms operations, support desk and developer teams, Adrian is actively involved with direct management of key iNet accounts.

Having recently become a father for the first time, Adrian has his hands full. Any spare time he has, he enjoys nature and astronomy.

"It's great to be at iNet because it is imperative our service continues to operate at levels beyond exceptional. We all share the same ethos - that outage, downtime and service failure are not an option, and at iNet, the network has been designed as such. We've made sure sound strategies are in place to mitigate against such things".

Lee Lilley Head of Engineering

Lee has over 25 years industry experience in software development and application support. Having spent the majority of his career within the communications industry, Lee has gained considerable hands-on experience, honing his skills in agile methodology and DevOps models, and has become a key technical contributor, and industry 'go-to' resource for some of the telecoms and contact centre industries leading technologies.

As a skilled database administrator with in-depth API and systems integration expertise, Lee provides critical support and professional services to key iNet clients and customers, helping them maximise operational efficiencies through technology enablement and smart systems integrations.

Lee is passionate about home automation technology, and enjoys house music and spending time with his Daughter. 

"Small business or large enterprise, iNet offers all customers the ability to operate and manage complex communications systems with bespoke integrations quickly and easily, driving quality of service in their operations, with minimal effort.  I am committed to continuously improve and deliver innovative solutions in a rapidly changing media environment, in ways that excite our clients and keeps them serving their customers with pioneering technologies".

Mubin Khan Head of Sales & Marketing

Mubin has over 18 years' experience in direct and leadership sales and marketing roles. During that time, he has gained valuable experience and expertise in defining core sales and marketing strategies, managing implementation and delivering ROI.

Mubin is skilled at identifying opportunities, niches that can be exploited, with positioning strategies that drive awareness, generate demand and transform the bottom line. 

An early-adopter of the cloud, Mubin has a strong entrepreneurial background including co-founding a cloud-based telecommunications company in 2012, a business that was acquired in 2016.

Mubin is passionate about great design in all its forms, technology, UX and enjoys politics, debate and spending time with friends and family.

"The cloud is now a mature concept, but I am still amazed at the sheer flexibility it delivers for people to work around their lifestyles without impacting performance. iNet understands cloud technology in a way I feel others do not. Having grasped the benefits of the cloud early on, they genuinely build integration-ready products and services that deliver all the benefits of cloud for enterprises and organisations seeking a transformation to digital".

Opportunities at iNet

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