About iNet

Who We are

Established in 2008, iNet is a leading telecoms network provider and a pioneer of cloud hosted contact centre solutions in the UK. Supported by the largest UK telephone infrastructure, iNet provides integrated cloud telephony services to businesses, enterprises and organisations seeking transformation to digital IP technology with all the benefits it brings.

What We Do

We specialise in delivering cost-effective, bespoke solutions, that will grow with your organisation, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide tailored, flexible and efficient solutions to organisations of every size.

In December 2013, iNet announced a strategic partnership with Vocalcom to create the only fully-integrated, end-to-end solution for contact centres currently available. Based in the commercial heart of London, the iNet team consists of exceptional individuals – highly experienced professionals offering unparalleled continuity and a track record of first-class service.

Our Partners

Leadership Team

Why choose us?

Get up and running within a few weeks. Proof-of-concept or complete installation, we deploy, train and support your teams all the way.

We offer a 99.999% network availability guarantee. We’ve had 100% availability for the last 2 years.

With Cyber Essentials accreditation and active monitoring and intrusion-detection protocols, our network and services are safe and secure.

We leverage the power of BT’s mass handling capability and Tier 1 infrastructure to intelligently deliver calls for the most demanding operations.

We’re experts in Contact Centre and Telecommunications and handle in excess of 12 million calls a month. We work collaboratively with you – it’s a partnership.

Our deployments typically increase productivity from the get go, helping you achieve ROI and more revenue, faster.

Call minutes successfully delivered per month
Total Contact Centre Calls conected per annum
Telephone numbers in Network
Contact centre call minutes delivered per annum
Ineteractive Voice Response (IVR) lines in Network
Network availability over the 24 months
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Our Solution can be Implemented within 4 weeks