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Free Long Term Holiday Planner

Lee Lilley

July 23, 2018

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Allocating holiday / vacation hours for a long period of time is very time consuming.

Our FREE Long Term Holiday/Vacation Planner allows you to create a long term plan in minutes.

The Calculation

There are various bits of information required to complete this task:

Current FTE
How many Hours per Week = 1FTE
What is the general percentage allowance for vacation over a vacation year
Should vacation days be rounded to that of a full time day shift (8 hours for a 40 hours week)
A requirement of agents for each week over the year
U-WFM will then process this information to give an allowance for vacation hours by both week and day.
In the below graph, the percentage distribution of agent requirement is plotted (orange line). What U-WFM will do if flip this line, in effect, showing a mirror image of the requirement (purple line).

The same principle can then be done by day, which will then distribute the weekly hours over individual days. The daily allowance can then be auto imported in to U-WFM’s vacation planner.

The Result

When the overall vacation hours are distributed over the mirror image, what happens is lower vacation allowances are plotted at busy times, higher vacation allowances are planned at quiet times helping to balance agents working hours over the year and crucially, to increase Service Level with no cost to the business.

Access our FREE long term holiday planner:

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