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ICS Digital

Independent Content Services (ICS) is an international content and digital media specialist that creates and delivers hundreds of daily stories, features and previews, many hours of live and recorded audio services, video, marketing, translation into over 60 languages and more.

Customer Challenges

ICS wanted to scale its audio streaming services to its customers and provide a higher quality experience.

As its operation grew, it also needed to provide a simpler onboarding process for new customers, as well as identifying and delivering new revenue generating services.

With its current traditional telecoms network that was in place this simply was not achievable or cost justifiable.  ICS needed to look at how to embrace new IP based telecommunications networks.

How Did iNet Help?

  • iNet’s carrier grade telecoms platform and expertise allowed them to help ICS migrate away from ISDN over to an IP based network, which was more reliable and provided a better customer service.
  • iNet developed the technical capabilities to assist ICS in rolling out new revenue generating services.
  • By providing marketing numbers, a revenue sharing model was agreed that would incentivise both parties as well as make it simpler for ICS to onboard new customers.

In short, iNet deliver on the operational and technical side, allowing ICS to focus on where it excels – the marketing of its services and in delivering a great customer experience.

The Results

  • New revenue generating services were introduced that helped ICS’ clients to increase current customer spend as well as bring on new customers.
  • ICS was able to virtually eliminate the costs of onboarding new clients as the iNet platform allowed them to be linked through to a single marketing number.
  • The reliability and quality of the iNet telecoms platform has meant the customer satisfaction has increased.

Customer Testimonial

“I see our relationship as a partnership where everybody wins. The solution they are providing is elegant, efficient and helps me bring in new customers without the need to think about back-end mechanics”. - Ian Holding, MD, ICS Digital