Case Study


iNet Solution: Cloud Contact Centre

As a leading UK based BPO with multiple contact centres, Kura help improve operational efficiency for their  Banking, Utilities, Insurance and Telecommunications clients.


Kura were running an on-premise legacy Contact Centre solution, which had the following issues:

  • Stability and reliability problems, especially as they looked to add more clients to the platform. Resolving this issue required a significant investment in software upgrades and new hardware.
  • The inability to generate timely and accurate billing for Kura’s clients was impacting client satisfaction and required additional manual processes to correct the errors.
  • Due to high levels of staff attrition and the usability of the system for agents, Kura faced significant productivity challenges – both in training new agents and in ensuring they continue to work effectively.
  • The current system handled telephony in the contact centre but was unable to provide Kura the ability to offer its customers a modern, digital channel experience, which they were demanding.

These challenges impacted Kura’s ability to deliver the level of customer service they were hoping to, and that their clients and customers were expecting. Kura’s ability to win more business as a result was also effected.

  • iNet’s carrier grade, cloud hosted telecoms platform now provides the high service reliability critical for Kura’s business model to work effectively.
  • Comprehensive “out-of-the-box” reporting templates, and configurable reports now allows Kura to generate accurate client reporting in a timely manner, supporting accurate billing.
  • iNet’s Contact Centre solution provides a single view of customer interactions with Kura’s contact centre, irrespective of  a customers contact channel choices– be it via telephone, social channels, web chat, or email.
  • Using an intuitive wizard-driven user interface means agents are considerably more productive from day one.

Kura’s partnership with iNet has enabled them to deliver their customer service objectives and support them achieving service excellence:

  • Customer Convenience – Customers can engage Kura using multiple contact channels, increasing convenience and customer satisfaction.
  • Agent Productivity – agents are more productive, efficient, and able to better service customers with a single view of their customer and communication history.
  • Uptime – The Contact Centre is available 100% of the time to serve clients, accurately report on their usage and meet agreed SLA’s.

What Kura Said

“We really value iNet’s approach to problem solving. In our industry, there is no room for downtime or outage. We have thousands of advisors managing many thousands of calls and customer interactions for our clients, so we needed a highly resilient technology and telecoms infrastructure that was second to none”
John Goodram
Director of IT - Contact Centre

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