Case Study: Debt Collection

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John Adderley, Operations Director, CCSCollect
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Established since 1975 and based in Surrey, CCSCollect is a leading UK collection agency specialising in consumer and commercial debt collection. Proud to be a founding member of the Credit Services Association CCSCollect is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is trusted to act on behalf of public and private sector clients including Central & Local Government, Banking & Finance institutes, Utilities, Mail Order and Telecoms companies.

"iNet possess great Telecoms and Contact Centre industry knowledge with real in-depth understanding of the Vocalcom technology that helps us stay compliant with legislation as it changes."  Full quote from John

Customer Summary

  • Founded in 1975
  • Small business
  • Type 82911 - Activities of collection agencies
  • Clients operating in:
    o Central Government
    o Utilities
    o Banking & Finance
    o Mail Order
    o Telecommunications

The Solution

  • All in one on-premise solution
    comprising of Telephony and Contact Centre technology.
  • 45 FTE agent positions.
  • Integration with Fathom case management and Avaya IP Office PBX.

Implementation of Products

  • Self-service management of telephony.
  • Vocalcom Contact Centre technology:
    o Easy to use Omni view agent interface
    o Multichannel
    o Intelligent Ofcom compliant dialler
    o Rich Realtime and Historical reporting

Key Differentiators

  • Provision of both telecoms and contact centre solutions by a single supplier, one invoice and single SLA.
  • In-depth knowledge of Telecoms and Contact Centres solutions with focus on capabilities of using an intelligent Ofcom dialler.
  • Extracting MI/BI information for use in other third-party systems.
  • UK Based London Service desk.
  • Simplified integration capability.
  • General account management and engagement.
  • Rich and customisable reporting.
  • A truly technology agnostic solution.

Customer Requirements

CCSCollect are users of the Vocalcom Contact Centre platform having signed with Vocalcom UK in 2012. As CCSCollect grew, their requirements quickly evolved beyond the remit of Vocalcom, and subsequently needed a Partner who:

  • Were capable of managing the provisioning of thousands of geographic and
    non-geographic numbers, easily and efficiently.
  • Had in-depth and proven knowledge of the Vocalcom platform.
  • Understood the debt collection industry to help CCSCollect optimise contact centre performance.
  • Had detailed knowledge and practical experience of integrating incumbent systems with Vocalcom technology.
  • Were able to offer a single, enhanced SLA, and complete technical consultative support service for the telephony and contact centre solutions.

Limitations and Challenges

CCSCollect recognised the powerful, compliant, outbound dialling capability of the Vocalcom contact centre platform as soon as they saw it. Having a contact centre solution that combined multiple channels for customer engagement to use as they grew, was the obvious choice. Service, however, on a day-to-day basis, dealing with technical support, addressing accounts queries and simply asking questions became a challenge – which is generally indicative of a typical vendor-direct relationship. Most queries ultimately found their way to iNet anyway. Our in-house team are recognised as a ‘go-to’ resource for the Vocalcom platform in the UK and Europe.

At the same time, telephony was being delivered by iNet, and CCSCollect were keen to leverage a closer relationship that would encourage better call rates and to promote the benefit of utilising a single supplier. The lack of which being an unnecessary difficulty for both the client and for Vocalcom as the platform vendor.

In addition, the frequent breakdown of integration between the Vocalcom platform, internal case management and Avaya systems was already a cause for concern. CCS Collect envisaged further operational challenges if these and other system issues weren’t urgently addressed.

How iNet Made a Difference

In the beginning the CCSCollect resource responsible for delivery and management of the client’s communications solutions (especially I.T and operational teams) had already collaborated hard with Vocalcom in understanding how the related technology worked and were instrumental in successful implementation. However, as time passed CCSCollect found themselves at risk -  through natural churn, key operational and IT personnel had been lost to the business. This meant the client had an increasingly uncomfortable reliance on Vocalcom as the vendor to provide a greater level of support. Vocalcom tried, but were not able to give CCSCollect the attention they needed. This had a negative impact on the client’s business. CCSCollect subsequently reached out to iNet for help.

Our initial review and analysis of the situation was to replace the existing investment with alternatives. However, this would have been at the client’s expense, pointless given the investment already made, and service affecting. This was just not in the interests of our new client who was keen to protect their investment in technology purchased to improve their business. It made economic sense to firstly transition the client to us with the least amount of disruption and ensure they were comfortable. Once this exercise was complete and the client was happy, we upgraded the platform in line with all iNet deployments and delivered refresher product training. Then we addressed the operation and system integration related issues resulting in a fully integrated working solution. CCSCollect were delighted with our cost-conscious approach, moving to a new supplier while protecting their investment in Vocalcom and saving them thousands of pounds in what could have been additional licencing and professional services charges.

We addressed integration issues to both Fathom – CCSCollect’s chosen case management platform, and to their legacy Avaya IP Office Telephone system. In addition, we ensured the resulting interface was sufficiently open enough to easily extract meta data for ad-hoc use in additional systems under consideration. Correct and reliable integration to Fathom alone has seen a surge in operational performance, empowering agents with a satisfying platform that helps resolve cases quicker, and collect outstanding debts faster. Using the available open architecture, iNet can deliver contact centre metrics and performance insights that inform CCSCollect management and help set the tone for progress meetings.

CCSCollect now benefits from a single supplier to engage with for all support, account and sales queries, with one SLA that covers everything. A single bill, with costs aligned is easy to understand, predict and pay.

John Adderley, Operations Director - CCSCollect
Talk to us about CCSCollect

"iNet possess great Telecoms and Contact Centre industry knowledge with real in-depth understanding of the Vocalcom technology that helps us stay compliant with legislation as it changes. 

When needing their support, iNet are so easy to work and collaborate with as they are always quick in their response in addressing our issues and offering innovative insights about how we can do things better."