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Richard Hill, Managing Director, DTV Optimise
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We're fundraising specialists and Optimise is our fundraising agency. Our dedicated, experienced people are on the end of the phone line to inspire meaningful conversations with your valuable donors. It’s thanks to our engaging, empathetic approach that when we talk we really connect. And when we connect, you enjoy excellent return on investment. Fundraising may be our specialty but we also love to work with companies who share our values.

"Having heartfelt, engaging conversations with donors is core to what we do, and iNet is an intrinsic part of that story. We are exceptional at fundraising, and rely heavily on the contact centre and telephony platform managed by iNet to fulfil our client services. It is a great partnership..." Full quote from Richard

We’ve used our charity DRTV expertise to create a fundraising agency that gets people talking

We only use highly trained people to talk to your supporters. Their experience, maturity and empathy results in more meaningful conversations and maximum return on investment for you. We use the latest technology for the best customer service. We constantly analyse data to identify what’s working and what isn’t.

We’re part of the DTV Group and offer a wealth of fundraising experience

We work for some great causes, creating great success when it comes to converting callers into valuable donors.

Customer Summary

  • Company launched in 2012
  • SME
  • Medium sized business
  • 50-100 employees
  • 73110 Advertising agencies - The provision of a charity fund raising response agency
  • Representing the Top 50 Charities

The Solution

  • Telecoms with SMS Messaging
  • UK hosted cloud contact centre solution to support up to 45 FTE agent positions
  • Vocalcom Multitenant platform

Implementation of Products

  • Vocalcom Contact Centre solution comprising:
    - Intuitive, simplified administration interface.
    - Single user interface for multi-channel controls.
    - multi-channel skills based routing engine.
    - Real-time and historical views.
    - Advanced, unified reporting.
    - Voice capture
  • Telephony handling:
    - Visual drag-and-drop IVR designer.
    - Powerful, intelligent dialler.

Key Differentiators

  • Opex, flex licence model
  • Provision of telecoms and contact centre solutions by iNet as a single supplier
  • Rapid deployment with the ability to flex licenses during peak operating times
  • Flexibility and ease-of-use
  • Platform-wide reporting including telecoms
  • Ability to provide DDI numbers and actively block nuisance callers

Customer Requirements

Initially a start-up company of two, DTV Optimise approached iNet wanting a flexible, tailored contact centre solution to work on behalf of selected charities to sign up new supporters. As with most new start-ups a limited budget was available for this, however Richard Hill, DTV Optimise Managing Director wanted to invest in a proven technology that was easy to use and could grow as his business grew. Richard was looking for a supplier he could collaborate closely with, working together. Like us, Richard felt collaboration was an essential component in building a successful business.

Limitations and Challenges

Richard had been very successful in other ventures and wanted to build on his current business portfolio. He saw real potential in partnering with charities, offering a service that would optimise donor understanding, empathy and financial support.

To achieve his goal Richard needed to engage with a supplier that could not only provide a consistent, available and flexible service but one that would act as a front to all consultative telecoms and contact centre knowledge around industry best practice.

With DTV Optimise being in it’s infancy, Richard hadn’t yet employed key personnel to support the venture, so a platform was needed that was easy to setup, that provided intuitive management tools, that has the ability to quickly on-board new starters, and that provided in-depth reporting and performance management tools.

Richard was also keen to explore the benefit of working with a single supplier, that could offer all of the telecoms requirements, and the contact centre needs. This would expedite deployment, expansion, general fault finding and ensure simplified billing.

How iNet Made a Difference

iNet didn’t hesitate when it came to wanting to help Richard and his business succeed and as such quickly bought in to Richard’s concept of delivering the premium service. To facilitate this, iNet spent valuable consultative time with Richard prior to, during and after the investment in iNet technology and services. Having supported many clients in the past, iNet was able to give industry-based knowledge and guidance relating to other start-up ventures, and offer some sobering advice about things to be avoided at all costs.

Technical discovery workshops were run early on in the implementation phase to further define DTV Optimise calling strategies. The output from these workshops allowed iNet to quickly create and configure (matter of days not weeks) a new site for DTV on the Vocalcom UK cloud platform. Training was initially condensed to provide basic management of the platform and end-user training. It was agreed that in the short term iNet would provide a managed service until Richard had key members of his team in place to take complete ownership of platform management.

To enable Richard and his incoming team even further, flex licences were provided. This delivers additional licence capacity on-demand, for peak periods, seasonal spikes and busy spells, to ensure client requirements can be fulfilled without delay and to keep the team efficient and productive. This approach also allowed DTV Optimise to temporarily increase license count when demonstrating to new prospects, supporting new client acquisition, and in most cases resulted in additional business. In the event a prospect didn’t take up DTV Optimise services, there would only be a nominal financial impact on Richard, accountable as cost of sale.

Five years on DTV Optimise is going from strength-to-strength. Now empowered with a team of 60, a great service, supported by the right technology and teams has seen Richard moving to bigger offices, in addition to securing a second location office in the north of the UK.

Richard Hill, Managing Director, DTV Optimise
Talk to us about DTV Optimise

“Having heartfelt, engaging conversations with donors is core to what we do, and iNet is an intrinsic part of that story. We are exceptional at fundraising, and rely heavily on the contact centre and telephony platform managed by iNet to fulfil our client services. It is a great partnership.

The software is extremely powerful, and although we aren’t making full use of all its features, we know they are there, ready for when we expand our service portfolio. I am really pleased with all the team at iNet, and value a continued partnership with them. They are really good guys to work with, and I would gladly recommend them as a communications solution provider”.