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Ian Holding, MD, ICS-Digital
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Independent Content Services (ICS) is an international content and digital media specialist that creates and delivers hundreds of daily stories, features and previews, many hours of live and recorded audio services, video, marketing, translation into over 60 languages and more.

"iNet are an innovative telecoms company. It was clear from our first meeting the team understood my challenges, and were really quick to draft solutions to address them."  Full quote from Ian

Customer Summary

  • Founded in 2002
  • Small business
  • 58190 - Other publishing activities, 60100 – Radio broadcasting, 61900 - Other telecommunications activities, 63910 - News agency activities
  • Clients operating in:
    o Gaming
    o Betting
    o Radio
    o Mobile / Telephony
    o PR

The Solution

  • IP Communications Services
  • Cloud IVR
  • Audio Content Management
  • Revenue-generating Numbering
  • Consultancy

Implementation of Products

  • Bespoke Solution

Key Differentiators

  • Seamless transition of legacy 'lines' to full IP platform
  • Scalability to rapidly grow
  • Single cloud platform enabling multi-client content distribution
  • Ability for listeners to drop in/out of content on-demand without termination
  • Facility to easily brand per-client

Customer Requirements

Since its early days, ICS Media Group has been providing the facility for gaming and betting clients to offer live and recorded event audio streaming to their customers through dial-in via telephone.

Working in close collaboration with iNet, Ian Holding, MD, was keen to update the service to achieve the following objectives:

  • Deliver a single audio content platform acting as a hub and repository of recorded and live audio event streams.
  • Move away from PSTN based infrastructure to IP.
  • Provide multiple, branded, cloud IVR entry points and numbers for each ICS client, and establish a process for on-boarding new clients and new sporting events.
  • Automate the categorisation, storage and transfer of content streams from ICS studios server environment to iNet’s secure environment.
  • Deliver additional commercial value opportunities to ICS clients from audio commentary.

Limitations and Challenges

Both the teams at ICS and iNet realised that traditional telecoms network infrastructure would be prohibitive, unreliable and limited, impacting the ability of ICS to scale its operation in response to peak demands, seasonal spikes, and in terms of growing the ICS service portfolio to include additional sports’ coverages and commentaries. 

At the same time, providing this key value-added service to their betting and gaming clients needed to impress end-customers, while enhancing their client’s brand, and offer commercial incentives that would cover the costs of providing the service and deliver profits directly and indirectly. 

In addition, all were keen to add more value to the audio service, giving end customers the opportunity to place bets and return to the audio stream, on demand, without having to terminate the call or dial an alternative number.

How iNet Made a Difference

At the iNet / ICS technical workshop, a clear strategy was presented that delivered all the outputs sought by ICS, with iNet going further in proposing a revenue sharing partnership with ICS. It was felt that a partnership strategy would sufficiently incentivise all parties to work collaboratively, offering their best and most innovative skill sets. 

iNet proposed and delivered a secure server repository, hosted in BT’s 21CN fully IP network, that communicates directly with ICS studio servers. This allows the seamless, and automated data transfer of live commentary, fully categorised, securely stored within the iNet environment. Recorded commentaries are also seamlessly uploaded into iNet, removing the need for ICS involvement. 

By providing a single-source environment for ICS, iNet were uniquely positioned to provide dedicated, revenue generating  telephone numbers on behalf of ICS to thier betting and gaming clients. Each number is unique, and associated with each client, with a segregated cloud IVR that their customers can dial-in to. Each number can be advertised on the client’s site and marketing materials, and the IVR has it’s own client branded options and messaging. Both iNet and ICS agreed this to be a technically efficient and cost effective approach to enabling content distribution via telephone for multiple ICS clients. At the same time, on-boarding new ICS clients is a simple process of number provisioning and branding the IVR prompts. 

The new IP environment saves ICS and its clients even more, and with no need for traditional lines, live commentary can be uploaded with virtually no limits, without the risk of call failure due to overload, with end-customers accessing a crystal-clear service.

iNet also provided a ‘take-back-and-transfer’ solution as part of the IVR service to ICS clients. This allows callers to drop-in and drop-out of audio commentary – on demand without terminating the call. At any time during a commentary, customers can press a button to be taken to the client’s call centre to place a bet, ask a question, setup an account or address any concerns. Passing through to the client’s contact centre remains part of a single call stream, allowing customers to go back to the audio commentary stream by pressing a button, so they miss as as little of the commentary as possible.

Both iNet, ICS and thier clients’ are extremely pleased with how the solution is working to generate direct revenues from the numbers alone, and the indirect opportunities that come with it.

Ian Holding, MD, ICS-Digital
Talk to us about ICS-Digital

"iNet are an innovative telecoms company. It was clear from our first meeting the team understood my challenges, and were really quick to draft solutions to address them. After a formal workshop, I was excited by their proposal as it solved all my issues, which surpassed my expectations. 

Like them, I see our relationship as a partnership where everybody wins. The solution they are providing is elegant, efficient and helps me bring in new customers without the need to think about back-end mechanics. 

We’ve already started talking about other communications technologies that can help my clients serve their customers better and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they can do.”