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John Goodram, Director of IT - Contact Centre, Parseq
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Parseq is located in Northern England with contact centres in England and Scotland. As a leading UK based BPO, they help improve operational efficiency for their clients. Working with the UK’s top ten banks, leading utility providers, insurance and telecommunications companies, they support their clients to acquire customers, retain market share and grow.

"...We were really impressed with iNet. Michael and his team really understand Parseq, our business sector, our requirements, and they understand how to deploy cloud communications technology in innovative and exciting ways, whilst absolutely ensuring security and compliance..."  Full quote from John

Customer Summary

  • Parseq launched in 2006
  • £47.3 Million turnover
  • Medium sized business
  • 1000-5000 employees
  • Data Processing, Hosting And Related Activities
  • Parseq clients operate in Financial Services, Utilities, Telecommunications, Public Sector, SME sectors

The Solution

  • Telecoms
  • UK hosted cloud contact centre solution to support up to 1200 FTE agent positions
  • Multitenant platform
  • A complete multi-channel solution offering

Implementation of Products

  • Vocalcom Contact Centre solution comprising:
    - Intuitive, simplified administration interface.
    - Single user interface for multi-channel controls.
    - multi-channel skills based routing engine.
    - Real-time and historical views.
    - Advanced, unified reporting.
    - Voice capture
  • Telephony handling:
    - Visual drag-and-drop IVR designer.
    - Powerful, intelligent dialler.
  • WebChat interaction:
    - Proactive engagement.
    - Passive engagement.
  • Email management
  • Social Media engagement

Key Differentiators

  • Provision of telecoms and contact centre solutions by a single supplier with one SLA
  • Omni-channel, cloud contact centre solution
  • Unified Desktop for all agent interactions
  • Ease of deployment, expansion and scalability
  • Comprehensive integration capabilities
  • Flexibility and ease of use
  • Advanced reporting and insights

Customer Requirements

Parseq went out to tender needing to replace their existing legacy on premise contact centre solution due to stability issues, restrictions around scalability and wanting to offer customers a true multi-channel experience.

Limitations and Challenges

Overall rigid solution price from the incumbent vendor, contract length, the requirement to upgrade the premise-based solution to the latest version to remain in support, which would require a further considerable investment by Parseq in the deployed technology across all contact centres. The need to up skill and train I.T staff was an issue, and due to staff attrition, knowledge was increasingly scarce, factors impacting ongoing management of the current solution. The incumbent solution was further restrictive, offering only outbound and inbound telephony and no other mainstream digital channels, limiting Parseq's desire for service expansion.

How iNet Made a Difference

Robustness of iNet's telecoms network and cloud contact centre solutions were deployed using high-availability, scalable technology, installed across dual redundant data centres. Data security and compliance was, and continues to remain of paramount importance to Parseq, which is achieved through the cloud contact centre design and supporting security procedures and processes.

Multiple carrier-connected telecoms suppliers means that Parseq has the guarantee of service availability, due to the ability to switch suppliers as and when needed. iNet as the telecoms carrier added another key layer of functionality and flexibility in the provision of lines, availability of Geographic and non-Geographic numbers (DDI’s), presentation of local numbers (CLI) to increase call pickup rates, number blocking, call queuing, network IVR, announcements, and complete end to end reporting.

Parseq gained further efficiencies and significantly enhanced production. Administrators are able to easily and effectively mange the solution themselves, a direct result of hands-on training by iNet, delivered to ensure complete self-sufficiency. The insight into productivity derived from real-time and historical wallboards allows the team to tweak the configuration on-demand, to suit changing requirements and meet efficiency objectives. Other complementary tools including the powerful drag-and-drop visual scripting engine for creating and managing IVR’s and agent screen scripts allows the business to dynamically change, without additional cost and lost time.

Supervisor teams at Parseq also enjoy enhanced supervisory tools, to on-board agents quicker, as they have rapid access to historical call recordings and media transcripts. Supervisors can fully support agents using a suite of monitoring tools, whisper and conference features so agents feel supported, and confident to undertake their daily duties.

Agents now feel empowered as they have access via a single-view user interface that displays all the information needed to handle multiple media interactions in the best and most optimum way possible. Usability of the solution is further enhanced as the contact centre solution automates production for the agent, which means they can focus on the job in hand, or for agents who are better skilled, they are given the ability to change their own media parameters to opt in/out of queues when media volumes are high.

Reporting on contact centre production was a major requirement allowing Parseq to accurately bill their clients against production, so an easy to use interface with a comprehensive set of reporting templates was key. iNet further expanded on this facility in providing access to database tables using a dedicated customer-reporting server, allowing bespoke report production.

John Goodram Director of IT - Contact Centre, Parseq
Talk to us about Parseq

“As a leading UK based BPO operating in multiple sectors, our communications technology is critical to our success and reputation, and is the enabler for what we do best - helping our clients retain, grow and acquire new business whilst delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

We needed a partner, rather than a supplier, that could act as an extension of ourselves and which shared our values, ethos and meticulous standards of performance, service delivery and customer care. Our teams at Parseq are focussed on performance and delivery, and in choosing a communications partner, we needed to ensure that the same standards and care were also applied. In addition, we needed the flexibility to grow quickly, with a platform that we could manage ourselves, whilst offering high availability, resilient and redundant services.

We were really impressed with iNet. Michael and his team really understand Parseq, our business sector, our requirements, and they understand how to deploy cloud communications technology in innovative and exciting ways, whilst absolutely ensuring security and compliance. Working closely with iNet it became clear they value business relationships as a collaboration, being proactive and responsive to our needs from the first day and aiding us as our knowledge of the product increased. 

We really value iNet’s approach to problem solving. In our industry, there is no room for downtime or outage. We have thousands of advisors managing many thousands of calls and customer interactions for our clients, so we needed a highly resilient technology and telecoms infrastructure that was second to none. From the start, I could see iNet stood apart from other providers. I can’t fault their knowledge, expertise and experience of cloud communications, compliance, and contact centre optimisation. They have really set the benchmark in terms of intelligent call management, multi-channel contact centre and telephony. 

With the combination of our advisors and teams together with iNet, the results speak for themselves. Our operational efficiency has increased and the feedback from both our advisors and clients has been excellent. iNet technologies have really helped our teams do what they do best”.