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Domex UK

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Domex UK - Appliance Repairs

About Domex UK

Domex is a back-to-back TEQ (Total Excellence and Quality) Award Winner and number 1 service partner to multiple brands. Established in 2003, Domex provide domestic appliance repair services across Greater London, Sussex, and the Midlands, and continues to add regions at pace. With 115 staff and nearly 70 field engineers undertaking close to 450 repair visits per day, Domex champion great customer experiences with a laser-like focus on quality, where customer interactions are easy, consistent, professional, and courteous.

Solutions: Contact Centre & Telephony, Integration

Customer Challenges

The incumbent communications solution was primarily ‘telephone-only’ with limited integration capability and basic reporting. As Domex grew, this began to hinder customer interactions, and efficiency. Quick-fix solutions that were added over time led further to disjointed information, information silos, and data bottlenecks.

Domex needed a communications supplier to deliver a cloud communications solution, available to internal teams across Europe and the UK. Having invested heavily in developing a tailored, in-house CRM, Domex wanted to achieve integration, thereby avoiding data duplication, and improving customer communications. With multiple engineers on the road, and a strong focus on fast, and impeccable customer service, Domex were keen to enable process automation for field engineers, customers, and their contact centre teams.

How Did iNet Help?

iNet delivered an omnichannel customer engagement solution Hermes360, giving Domex five times the communications capability in a single unified desktop application. Hermes360 has been seamlessly integrated with the in-house CRM system, preventing duplication, removing data bottlenecks, significantly increasing productivity, and enriching the customer experience.

iNet’s IVR Smart routing was enabled, prioritising communications from customers who have current and active repairs scheduled. At the same time, ‘click-to-call’ was integrated. This provides on-net, in-app calling for field engineers to call customers ahead of arriving at jobs or while en route. Domex service centre telephone numbers are shown to customers, and not a field engineer’s personal telephone number. This improves traceability and prevents miscommunication. iNet enabled an automated SMS notification solution. If a customer does not answer a call from an engineer, an SMS notification is automatically sent to the customer asking if they are at home and available for the engineer’s visit. From here, the customer has the option to continue with the repair or cancel the visit. A subsequent SMS message is sent encouraging the customer to rebook the appointment.

Domex are taking advantage of Hermes360’s native reporting engine, providing canned and configurable reports, covering all aspects of the contact centre.

The Result

The teams at Domex are overjoyed by the solution provided by iNet. Several process efficiencies and benefits have been highlighted:

  • Domex customers now enjoy voice, email, webchat, social media, and SMS as reliable means of communication with staff.
  • Repair prioritisation and reduced handling times – Agents can now reliably log all customer interactions, with histories stored and readily available for subsequent engagement and to avoid duplication. Customers with active repairs are now given priority when they call. Agents now have the right tools to perform their roles more effectively.
  • Reduction in failed appointments – Engineers can very easily call ahead of site visits to ensure the customer is present. If not, automation tools notify a customer via SMS to rebook the visit at a more convenient time.
  • Improved traceability reduced failed appointments, and increased time, and cost savings.

Here's what Domex UK had to say...

"We have effectively streamlined some of our key business processes resulting in overt and nuanced cost, time, and resource savings. iNet really walk the walk when it comes to their contact centre solution and knowing where to apply automation that improves business outcomes."
Ross Ganev
CEO, Domex
Domex UK - Appliance Repairs

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