Dynamic Communications

The Complete Communications Package for IP / Voice & Technology Resellers and Sales Organisations. Choose Dynamic for High Margins, Low Maintenance and delighted customers

Dynamic is Smart, Economical & Complete

Developed by iNet, Dynamic unifies Telephony, PBX & Reception Console, Call Centre, Dialler and SMS. Once intuitive platform – all in a secure Cloud. Easy to sell and administer, with impressive margins – Dynamic transforms revenues for Resellers and their Clients. Drive Performance with Dynamic Communciations.

Dynamic Communications

Smart PBX & Reception Console

Enjoy a complete, feature-rich PBX and console in the Cloud with visual, drag ‘n’ drop controls. End-to-end call routing, monitoring, and asset management. Secure, flexible, intuitive and cost-effective communications.

Uptime SLA Guarantee
Uptime Over 48 Months
Dynamic PBX & Reception Console
Dynamic Contact Centre Agent Screen

Cloud Contact Centre, Dialler & SMS

Step up campaigns and improve customer service with CRM Lookup, campaign creation wizard and powerful reporting. In the Cloud with intuitive controls to manage inbound, while powering outbound call campaigns and SMS. Optimum performance with impressive results at low costs.

Productivity Increase
Increase in Contacts

Sell, Deploy - Fast

Low-cost, high-margins on licencing, calls and SMS. Simple to demo, simple to deliver, for quick sales and rapid returns. Sellable, scalable, reapeatable. Commoditised solution ideal for sales organisations.


One Platform, One Supplier

One intuitive platform to order, onboard customers, manage assets, control access and bill. Complete communications for Resellers and Sales Organisations.

augmentfor rapidsales

Achieve Rapid Sales - All the Time

Dynamic can be added to Clients’ existing PBX for immediate sales and additional revenues. No need to wait for distant contract-renewal dates.

Why Become a Dynamic Reseller?

PBX | Reception Console | Contact Centre | Dialler | SMS

For High Margins and Low Maintenance