Inbound Manager

Increase capacity with interim voice & digital channels.
Temporary solutions to manage short-term peak demands in communications traffic

Flexible Capacity That Turns On and Off

Many organisations and businesses experience periods of peak demand in communications traffic. A new product launch, emergencies and crises, recalling a defective product or seasonality are just a few examples. These are situations that require flex and more capacity for quick bursts of activity, but do not warrant increasing fixed costs or extending current supplier contracts.

Inbound Manager™ is an interim solution to temporarily increase your capacity, enabling you to handle significantly more inbound communications – including multiple channels like Voice Calls, Emails / SMS, Web Chats and Social Media interactions

As an end-to-end cloud solution, Inbound Manager™ helps you manage the demand for communications bandwidth without new purchases or long-term financial commitment.

Choose The Modules You Need

Slash year-round over-capacity and flex as you need with iNet Inbound Manager.

Peak Voice Traffic

Utilise Inbound Manager to push peak voice traffic through iNet. Your current fixed capacity may suit your requirements most of the year, and you just need a supplier to temporary carry the traffic or overflow through peak demand.

Digital Channels

Inbound Manager supports you with Email/SMS, Web Chat and Social Media traffic helping you effectively distribute across digital channels and better manage communications if desired.

Call Back Scheduling

Where required Inbound Manager can automatically capture call-back requests with a contact number. Our platform then dials and presents the call to your agent when free, helping you manage queues and avoid losing callers.

Routing Communications

Use Inbound Manager to route calls wherever desired. Home workers, remote locations, outsourced Contact Centres, anywhere. All communications are managed through our platform, giving you a single view of your customer, and avoiding disjointed and siloed conversations.

Answering Service

Professionally managed call answering servcies, or simple voicemail inbox, Inbound Manager helps you avoid missed communications. Includes immediate email notifications with caller and call back details.

Unified Reporting

Unify disparate systems and avoid information and data silos. Improve your processes in real-time with valuable reporting and insights that optimise your communications.

Inbound Manager Benefits Summary

  • Completely in the Cloud - Low TCO, unlimited capacity and flex, easy-to-deploy, available anywhere.
  • Low Cost, Low Risk - Temporary solution for interim requirements, opex, no lengthy contracts or commitments.
  • Works alongside your Existing Supplier - No need to switch or wait for renewal - short-term, temporary solution.
  • Turn On / Off - Enable communications bandwidth as you need, not when you don't.

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