iNet & U-WFM Partnership

London, 9th January 2019
I-Net Communications Group and U-WFM form Strategic Partnership to deliver complete Contact Centre solutions in the Cloud.

iNet is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with cloud Workforce Management solutions provider, U-WFM.

Comprised of experts in Workforce Management (WFM) and resource planning, U-WFM delivers a complete suite of cloud based Workforce Management solutions. With accurate forecasting and powerful multi skilled schedules, U-WFM supports contact centres to deliver optimal customer experience whilst best supporting their frontline employees.

The combined power of iNet’s high-volume telecoms network and cloud omni-channel contact centre solution together with integrated resource planning solutions powered by U-WFM delivers unprecedented optimisation for single or multi-site contact centres.

‍iNet’s CEO, Michael Pavlou commented, “The partnership with U-WFM represents a step forward for iNet and our clients. With embedded Workforce Management driven by source call centre data, our clients enjoy a turnkey cloud contact centre solution. Effective across all communication channels our customers have peace of mind that Service Levels are boosted by scheduling the rights agents, at the right time, with the right skills.”

With customer contact centres now under real pressure to rationalise costs and pursue a digital transformation agenda, the iNet / U-WFM partnership brings a complete, elegant, per-user solution that scales on-demand.‍

‍The Future is OPEX.

“The capital expenditure, installation, setup and management of traditional infrastructure based WFM tools and their associated complexity often outweighs the efficiency, value and purpose of utilisation,” remarked Matthew Hughes, CEO of U-WFM. “One of the benefits our partnership with iNet brings is the synergy in our understanding of the cloud operating expense model, its reduced complexity leading to increased effectiveness and where the customer service sector is heading,” said Matthew.

‍Jeremy Greenwood, Head of Product for iNet added, “In the past few years, contact centres have generally evolved to become a suite of on-demand, light-touch, integrated applications made available to home workers and to users across disparate offices. Location by necessity has become obsolete. Therefore customer interactions can be easily resolved wherever a user may be. The integration with U-WFM ensures Contact Centre Managers can continue to monitor, manage and resource an operation effectively without compromising the modern working strategies afforded by technology.”

A Partnership Founded on Research.

“Understanding the evolving operational nature of contact centres is critical if we hope to deliver solutions that align with our customers’ needs today, and tomorrow,” commented Head of Marketing for iNet, Mubin Khan.

Together with U-WFM and in partnership with UKCCF (UK Contact Centre Forum), an ongoing series of executive discovery sessions has helped validate the iNet /U-WFM partnership. So far, the findings confirm the research that effective WFM and Resource Planning solutions are currently a major consideration for Operational Managers, and stress the overarching need for simplicity of application, management and cost predictability.

‍Matthew Hughes, CEO at U-WFM summarised, “When we were distilling down the outputs from these working groups, user objectives became clear. They needed something simple and straightforward ,low-cost, light and non-invasive, that included adequate customer support as standard, whilst driving effectiveness and supporting user and agent location needs.”

COO at U-WFM, and former Resource Planning Analyst at Aviva and Ventura, Tim Wharfe has the final word on this valuable partnership, “Resource Planning in many contact centres still remains a relatively manual process and many of the competing WFM tools on the market are unnecessarily complex. Spreadsheets simply don’t cut it.Bringing together U-WFM’s suite of Workforce Management solutions as an integrated component of iNet’s omni-channel cloud offering is exciting, giving clients a complete, cloud-based operational solution to deliver exceptional customer service.”

See U-WFM in action at iNet’s upcoming event, “Effective Resource Planning for Strategic Contact Centre Optimisation.” Workforce Management will be discussed in detail, including the keynote presentation, “The Impact of Ineffective Resource Planning Decisions on Contact Centre Efficiency.” The Executive Briefing session will take place at the end of January at Vintners Place in London.

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