iPBX Cloud Telephony

Be anywhere with feature-rich cloud telephony. Achieve incredible flexibility and cost savings.

Cloud Telephony for Smart Businesses

Multiple sites, WFH, remote locations – iPBX is telephony you control like never before – all from one screen. Easy, convenient, flexible, and cost-effective.

Powerful call management features including day/date routing, out-of-hours, hunt groups, numbers, call recordings, voicemails – everything – for all your sites, remote locations and remote workers wherever they are.

Intelligent Network - iNet

Any Number. Anywhere

iNet powers some of the UK’s most successful businesses. Resilient telephony packed with features, iPBX is available per-user-per-month to startups, small businesses and large enterprises.

Award Winning

iNet offers a full suite of native features, and a broad range of optional add-ons, you have all you need for smart communications.

Enterprise Grade

100% uptime over 3 years. 5 9's SLA. No on-site hardware, no up-front investment, low TCO, flexible service plans, and completely scalable.

Be Anywhere

Supports WFH and remote locations. Achieve geographic independence. Want London DDI's in Glasgow? No problem.


Provision all major SIP handsets, your existing ones, or choose our handsets.

Online Portal

Real time call controls via an intuitive UI, keeping you in complete control of your all communication requirements at all times.

Fully Featured

Day/date routing, out-of-hours, hunt groups, ring groups, numbers, call recordings, voicemails and much, much more.

iPBX Features

iPBX is a powerful communications platform, suitable for organisations and businesses seeking digital transformation, asset rationalisation, and cost reduction.

iPBX includes a wide range of telephony features you would find in any on-site PBX platform, and a suite of advanced functionality including Call Park, Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding, CallerID Blocking, Variable Ring Time and much more.

Queue incoming calls on a destination number to assist with call handling during busy periods. Use live statistics to monitor calls and make instant changes. Optional queue breakout and overflow preferences are available. Project stats onto a wallboard for effective and real- time call management.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows you to upload file announcements to an inbound call plan as a way of communicating with callers. Use IVR to provide callers with call routing options and announcements to inform them of details such as opening hours and website address or when your offices is closed.

Voicemail with external access, email notification, web access to messages, and multiple greetings (unavailable, busy, and temporary). Greetings can be uploaded and downloaded on the web interface. Retreive emails online or receive by email as .wav files.

Customers can set when conferences are
run, how many people may join, with different PIN access for administrators, speakers, and attendees, and a set of telephone numbers and email addresses to notify when conferences start. Conferences can be recurring on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis. Numbers can route straight into an individual conference, either with or without a PIN.

Parallel, serial, and circular hunt groups. Hunt groups can call telephones, external numbers, and SIP URIs. Hunt groups include many find me/follow me features. Call Pick Up allows users to pick-up calls from grouped devices.

Dates and times can be specified up to 20 years in advance, and can be any combination of times, days of the week, days of the month, months, and years. Routing can be changed instantly via the web portal or telephone. Route by exact number, area code, country, etc. For example, all calls from a region can be routed to the branch in that region.

iNet iPBX can deliver faxes to email addresses and to mailboxes, with notification via email and SMS if required.

Control your incoming calls. Called parties are asked if they wish to accept calls. Callers can be asked to record their names, their callerID can be played, or a message specific to call flow can be played.

Build an unlimited number of call plans based on your operating hours and modify them instantly in accordance with your changing needs. Schedule call routing in advance according to your business hours and call handling preferences and use call divert options to maximise your call handling potential to provide improved service to your customers.

iNet iPBX delivers online access to comprehensive live call statistics that show call handling efficiencies, productivity, call patterns and caller behaviour helping you make informed business decisions. Data includes time to answer, call waiting time, call outcome and caller details.

An account administrator can add new users, assign them access rights and specific numbers. Easily create profiles for additional users instantly, and control who can see and change account settings.

Call statistics can be emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Choose from a summary of calls per number or full statistics per individual call.

Just before a call is taken, a message can be played to the receiver, giving further information on how to answer each call. So, if the receiver is taking calls for various companies or departments, they can receive information on how best to answer each call, ensuring a more tailored response.

Convert your smartphone into an extension on iPBX.
iPBX Apps allow incoming and outgoing calling from your landline number via a smartphone. Great for staying in touch whilst on the move or in a disaster recovery scenario. A range of softphone Apps are compliant with iNet’s iPBX Cloud Telephony service.

Record calls for compliance, customer service or audit purposes. iPBX provides secure online access to file storage and retrieval of call details with comprehensive search filters to play, download or delete calls according to pre- defined login permissions.

With Call Back, Paging, Busy Lamps, Dial- by-Name and more, iPBX from iNet is your complete telephony solution.

Why iPBX from iNet?

Rapid Deployment Telephony, Packed with Features

Award-winning voice, telecoms, and contact centre solutions from Tier 1 carrier – iNet Communications Group Plc.