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PCI DSS Secure Payments

Abbreviated Case Study

MAPFRE Insure and Go

About MAPFRE / Insure & Go

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA is a multinational insurance and assistance company based in Madrid, Spain, with multiple brands, including Insure and Go, worldwide operations, and over 160 million beneficiaries. InsureandGo operates from two main sites in the UK with around 400 staff in total; Bristol handles claims and administration and is also the location for its main development, projects and finance teams, while a base in Southend operates the main InsureandGo contact centre, predominantly focusing on sales.

Solutions: Intelligent Telecoms Network, Level 1 PCI Compliance

Customer Challenges

The majority of InsureandGo’s policies are purchased via its e-commerce service but a significant proportion is transacted via telephone-based payments in the group’s Southend office.

InsureandGo used a system that employed ‘pause and resume’ technology when taking payment card details over the phone. They were reliant on the system automatically starting and stopping when the customer was ready to offer their payment information.

A large infrastructure migration project was underway, which meant the organisation moving from Level D SAQ to Level A PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQA). As such, John Forrow, Chief Security Officer for MAPFRE, was keen to identify a new solution for handling the organisation’s PCI compliance.

How Did iNet Help?

iNet had already been providing network and inbound telephony solutions to MAPFRE for over 8 years. We deliver over 100,000 calls per month averaging circa 1.5 million minutes.

Mapfre liased with us about our PCI compliance solutions. iNet offers PCI compliance solutions integrated directly into our network. Onsite product demonstrations were provided to InsureandGo’s IT and contact centre management. This alos provided an opportunity to fully understand the customer journey, scope requirements, assess the overall infrastructure needs, and plan implementation.

Mapfre worked with us to implement our integrated PCI compliance solution ensuring PCI de-scoping, that the customer call was recorded end-to-end, and that the customer journey was not negatively impacted.

The Result

MAPFRE’s network and PCI processes are is now simpler, reduced scope from PCI DSS achieving SAQ A, increased security, payment data is off Mapfre’s network. Mapfre how has a seamless customer experience with agents available throughout the call. The full call is now recorded end-to-end, and the solution is remote-working enabled.

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Here's what MAPFRE / Insure & Go had to say...

“...we have been able to simplify our IT network, we have reduced scope from PCI DSS achieving SAQ A, and we have dramatically simplified many processes. We do not have to jump through hoops; everything is secure and compliant without degrading the customer journey or experience. We are now rolling-out this project with iNet in Ireland and there are conversations regarding our Australian operations too. To have one solution globally will make overall management easier.”
Jason Hanshaw
IT Development Manager - MAPFRE
MAPFRE Insure and Go

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