Outbound Dialler Solutions

Improve live connection rates and drive results with powerful, compliant outbound dialler solutions from iNet.

Make Customer Connections Faster

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Boost in Agent Productivity

Challenges in Your Contact Centre

An outbound contact centre or an outbound dialler system is a vital component for successfully executing a company’s outbound communication strategy. Outbound contact centre technology must be flexible to ensure it addresses growing businesses, and their often complex business model.

Algorithms that drive predictive and automated dialing must optimize dialing methods and tools to support a business’ interactive communication model. In addition, all outbound communications must comply with ever-changing government and industry regulations and guidelines.

Powerful Dialler

Smart. Secure. Compliant.

Developed with industry regulations, compliance, and outbound dialing best practices in mind, iNet’s outbound communication solution includes high performance smart and predictive dialing technologies, tools to handle interactive communications, a full set of management tools, and intelligent analytics to help agents, supervisors, and administrators deliver superior outbound communication experience and great business results.

Whether you are a collections agency, a clinic or hospital, a political campaign office, an emergency response system provider, or a credit card company, iNet has the dialing solution to meet your outbound communication needs.

Dialler Features

  • Fully Customisable, Intuitive Agent Workspace
  • Assisted Workflows
  • Dynamic Scripting
  • Multiple Algorithms for Outbound Dialling
  • Supervisor Assist Mode
  • Real-Time Call Load Balancing
  • Intuitive Resource Configuration
  • Expandable into Multiple Territories
  • Seamlessly Blended Predictive Dialling
  • Multiple Dial Modes include Manual, Preview, Progressive, Predictive and Robot

Benefits Summary

The Right Tools

Empower your Agents with all the right tools and access to information on calls, making them more productive.

Intuitive Interface

Save time during and between calls, increasing efficiency and productivity with an intuitive, satisfying user interface.

Dynamic Scripts

Increased accuracy and efficiency with intelligent workflows and dynamic scripts.

Super Agents

Increase agent confidence to deliver the right, personalised customer experience.

OFCOM Compliant

Fully Ofcom Compliant dialler solution with multiple dial-modes and adjustable dialler settings. The right performance for every campaign.

Impressive ROI

Achieve outbound campaign goals quickly - reduce 'dead time' between calls, while improving efficiency.

The iNet Difference

  • Powerful network communications driving dialler performance.
  • Secure communications, resilient, scalable.
  • Easy configuration offers contact centre Managers autonomy and control.
  • Integrated workplace empowers agents.
  • Personalised dashboards deliver greater flexibility to Supervisors.
  • Out-of-the-box industry best practices increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Minimal effort to setup and manage / save time.