Secure Payment Solutions

PCI DSS Compliant Payments for all your Contact Centres.

The Compliance Challenge

Ensuring secure CX across all channels builds brand confidence and repeat business. 

With 9 out of 10 enterprises suffering a security breach last year*, the risks are very real, and the financial penalties are severe.


Compliance Solutions

Secure Telephone Payments (Agent Present)

We use DTMF masking to hide keypad values, integrating with the call flow at the point of payment. Agents do not hear or see any cardholder data such as Account Number or CVV.

IVR Payments (Agent Not Present)

Integrate with your existing IVR for 24/7 automated payments. Customers are prompted to enter card details using their keypad. DTMF tones are masked, collected, transacted and reconciled back to your environment from our secure cloud.

Multi-Channel Payments

Compliant multi-channel payments.. A secure link is sent to your customer for payment. Real-time dashboards indicate where your customer is in the payment journey, helping you guide them through the transaction.

Securing Legacy Data

Scan legacy call recordings for spoken card data. Search databases for images and documents containing cardholder data, to segregate, delete or redact, retaining original files, now compliant.

Benefits of PCI Compliance with iNet

Peace of Mind

Deliver assurance, confidence and peace of mind to your customers that making payment with you is safe, and that their card data never reaches your contact centre.

Win Brand Ambassadors.

No Hardware, No Headache

Our Compliance Solutions require no hardware to install for seamless integration with your internal processes, saving you time, while reducing costs.

We Integrate with All Payment Providers.

Contact Centre De-Scoping

Our solutions help you achieve compliance through a complete ‘de-scoping’ of your contact centre, significantly reducing your risk and cutting transaction complexity.

We are Level 1 PCI DSS Certified.

Level 1 PCI DSS certified solutions from iNet. Book a demo.

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