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Remote and Home Working Solutions

Home / Remote Working Challenges

In such times the challenges come when Call and Contact Centres and indeed Businesses as a whole need to consider home working for all of their staff.  As our CEO Michael mentioned, quite a few of our customers have asked how they can achieve this for their entire operation. This is doable, and available today from iNet. We have the technologies to support entire remote operations for Contact Centres. Agents, Supervisors, Wallboards, Reports, the lot. And utilising any devices (reducing costs).

So why delay? Talk to us to discuss your solution.

Market Analysis

Interestingly, industry analysis suggests that the Contact Centre market is moving in the remote worker direction, with large-scale Call Centres giving way to smaller pockets of distributed remote workers, technology being the enabler. As a result we have built a super-resilient cloud infrastructure precisely for this reason and have a number of our Clients currently utilising this type of solution for their business.

With 66% of consumers preferring multiple modes of communication from their providers; WebChat, Email, SMS and Social Media, this has also given rise to unsociable working hours for staff – so home working is the natural, business conclusion.

I am available to discuss any of your remote working requirements, feel free to contact iNet or PM me.

Jeremy Greenwood

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