Cloud Workforce Management

Our easy-to-use, 100% cloud-based workforce management solution has zero capital outlay and no hassle with technology. Helping your contact centre become more effective, efficient and economic on a simple pay-as-you-go basis.

Workforce Management Reinvented in the cloud

At iNet, we believe there is an easier way to deploy workforce management, making it accessible, affordable and available to ALL contact centres regardless of the size, so we designed an easy-to-use cloud-based platform. In partnership with U-WFM, our platform provides the proven benefits of automated forecasting and scheduling for the entire workforce.

All-in-one suite of applications that powers workforce management for contact centres of all sizes.

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We deliver a complete suite of Workforce Management cloud solutions that will help you master any challenge in workforce planning.

What does this mean for your business?

We have the highest level of security within our cloud computing environments. It has been engineered to provide enterprise-grade safety. Making it beneficial not only for your data, but in increasing maximum uptime.

Whether you have 50 or 5,000 agents, our software is flexible to grow with your needs and can add or reduce capacity as you progress. There is no need to upgrade or fine tune the infrastructure of your server, which leaves your IT department free to focs on the things that really matter.

To get started, all you need is internet access. With iNet, there is no waiting around for a lengthy software implementation. With our training and support from our experts (who have over 30 years’ experience!) you’ll begin seeing results fast.

We take care of all ongoing updates for the infrastructure, including security updates. We make sure everything is up to date, so you can focus on taking advantage of the latest functionality and most recent operating environment, with no delays.

Improved scheduling will make everything more efficient, which lowers the overall cost of running your contact centre.

Through our no purchase or upgrade costs, it makes our clear pricing hard to beat. All our customers enjoy a powerful, innovative and cost-efficient complete workforce management and resource planning solution. Helping them save money and do more, and you could be next.

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Performance at a glance

Call minutes successfully delivered per month
Total Contact Centre Calls conected per annum
Telephone numbers in Network
Contact centre call minutes delivered per annum
Ineteractive Voice Response (IVR) lines in Network
Network availability over the 24 months
PBX Extensions currently live on the iNet Network
iNet network uptime SLA

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Client Testimonial

"Persuading a client to adopt a multiple telephony number strategy is the easiest way to make activity more accountable. Working with iNet gives us access to large blocks of clean numbers, removing barriers such as the cost of acquiring additional numbers and the ability to set up numbers quickly and effectively enables us to offer a whole solution to our clients. Among the many benefits iNet offers is the ability to provide detailed call reporting that we require for our systems, together with an intuitive interface that makes it possible to set up the routing on these numbers in seconds. "

David Wright

Director - Accountability

"When I was evaluating suppliers it was clear iNet really understood the technology. The service has met all my expectations and its all there for me. The relationship I have with iNet means I can confidently develop and sell more services to more and more clients."

Ian Holding

Managing Director

"I've been able to consolidate my service onto a single network and platform and take advantage of the cost savings of a unified VOIP solution. iNet's solution allowed us to migrate our services from three fragmented networks to a single platform providing a TDM, IP and SMS unified solution. iNet provides a tremendous difference for me"

Domonic White

VP - Operations

Our Solution can be Implemented within 4 weeks