Workforce Management & Resource Planning

iWFM is a complete resource planning platform, linked directly with your ACD, delivering accurate scheduling and forecasting of your staff resources. Optimum operational performance and reduced costs throughout your contact centre.

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Allocating holiday/vacation hours for a long period of time is very time consuming. Our FREE Long Term Holiday/Vacation Planner allows you to create a long term plan in minutes. Sign Up to receive.

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Workforce Management made easy with powerful resource planning tools from iNet.

Developed by Resource Planners, for Resource Planners.

uWFM was designed and built by a team of Workforce Management professionals working at the forefront of contact centre management, across multiple industries and business sectors.

Our collective experience has resulted in a cloud-based platform that focuses on the fundamentals of Workforce Management: accurate forecasting, optimised scheduling and effective real-time Management, giving portal access from anywhere to administrators and agents.

Multi-skill forecasting for multi-channel contact centres, linked to your ACD

Linked directly to your ACD for absolute precision in resource planning and workforce management. uWFM delivers accurate forecasting and scheduling of public holidays, seasonality, non-typical peaks and troughs, shift-swap - everything you need to optimise your staff resources and your costs.

Super-speedy Schedules that work for your contact centre. Efficient. Profitable.

Our lightning fast scheduler will create optimised schedules within the rules set by your contact centre. And with adherence metrics embedded, your contact centre will always be the best it can be.

Easy Management of Time-Off, Holidays and Absence. Click, Click, Done.

With simple portal access for time-off / holiday requests, administrator accept, decline, swap, combined with automation enablement, all in real-time, your schedules, and your service levels will always be right.

Resource Insights that drive improved performance and enhance your planning.

uWFM empowers you with valuable management insights that help you always schedule the right people, with the right skills, at the right time.

Why wait?

Our customers and clients enjoy a powerful, innovative, cost-efficient and complete Workforce Management and Resource Planning solution from iNet, helping them save money and do more.

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Key Benefits

Lower Costs

Improved scheduling equals efficient scheduling, lowering the overall cost of running your contact centre.

Improve Performance

Give your Service Level a boost by scheduling the right people, at the right time, with the right skills.

Accurate Forecasting

Base forecasts on auto-captured historical trends direct from your ACD. Forecasts can be edited and scaled to make them as accurate as possible.

Optimised Scheduling

With agent rules and skills, schedule your agents to be in the best place possible to achieve the best Service Level for your customers.

Competitive, Simple Pricing

Clear pricing, with no purchase or upgrade costs makes us hard to beat.

Cloud Portal & Apps

iWFM is secure in the cloud with Administrator and Agent Apps and online portals for immediate access, from anywhere, anytime.

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