Cloud Workforce Management

Easy-to-use Workforce Management as a 100% cloud solution, zero capital outlay and no technology hassle. This allows contact centres to immediately become more effective, efficient and economic on a pay-as-you-go basis, but still benefit from a premium Workforce Management solution.

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Workforce Management. Reinvented.
Introducing our easy-to-use, yet powerful Workforce Management suite in the cloud.

The next generation of easy-to-use workforce management in the cloud

iNet believes there is an easier way to deploy Workforce Management and make it accessible, affordable and available to all contact centres, regardless of size.  Designed as an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform, our Partner platform provides the proven benefits of automated forecasting and scheduling for the entire contact centre workforce.

Together with U-WFM, iNet offers a Workforce Management platform as a 100% cloud, OPEX based solution, with zero capital outlay and no technology hassle. This allows customers to immediately become more effective, efficient and economic on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis, but still benefit from a premium Workforce Management solution. 

We deliver a complete suite of Workforce Management cloud solutions. Accurate forecasting and powerful, optimised, multi skilled schedules come as standard to support contact centres to deliver optimal customer experience whilst best supporting their frontline employees.

Multi-Skill Forecasting will have you creating, editing and finalising demand for your contact centre in no time.

By using historical information easily uploaded from an Excel spreadsheet, or through direct integration with your ACD, forecasting trends in arrival patterns is easy. Our multi-skill, multi-media forecasting solution will help you handle typical contact centre related challenges such as public holidays, seasonality and non-typical peaks and troughs.  All forecasts can be edited through interactive graphs including wholesale adjustments in response to particularly busy or quiet periods.

Super fast, optimised Schedules can be adjusted real-time to boost service levels and cope with sudden changes in available employees.

Our simple, yet powerful technology provides multi-skill, multi-media scheduling to give you full control.  It includes rotational shifts along with outstanding agent optimisation as standard. You can drag and drop any part of an agent’s shift or add activities at any time. As all activities can be locked or unlocked, you can re-schedule around added activities meaning the schedule remains optimal.

Time-Off Management (TOM). Agents can request time off in just a few clicks.

Our platform has a comprehensive time-off management system that simply requires a few clicks to authorise or decline requests. There is also an option to auto-approve or auto-decline time-off requests based on user-specified criteria. Absence can be added to the schedule in advance or in real-time, meaning you can see the effect on staffing and Service Levels as and when agents notify you of sickness.

Reporting. Access your Performance for Continuous Improvement.

To help you continuously improve contact centre performance, our solution has a comprehensive series of standard web based reports.  These are included in the solution and can be exported to csv. We also offer custom reports to allow customers to access and extract all reporting data to create bespoke reports in other reporting or Business Intelligence (BI) systems. The reporting data available is comprehensive and easy to access and understand.  

Why wait?

Our customers enjoy a powerful, innovative, cost-efficient and complete Workforce Management and Resource Planning solution from iNet, helping them save money and do more.

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Key Benefits

Lower Costs

Improved scheduling equals efficient scheduling, lowering the overall cost of running your contact centre.

Improve Performance

Give your Service Level a boost by scheduling the right people, at the right time, with the right skills.

Accurate Forecasts

Base forecasts on auto captured historical trends direct from your contact centre platform. Forecasts can be edited and scaled to make them as accurate as possible.

Optimised Scheduling

With agent rules and skills, schedule your agents to be in the best place possible to achieve the best Service Level for your customers.

Competitive, Simple Pricing

Clear pricing, with no purchase or upgrade costs makes us hard to beat.

Cloud Portal & Apps

Secure in the cloud with Administrator and Agent Apps and online portals for immediate access, from anywhere, anytime.

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